Sunday, 22 January 2017

Books - published

Raven Lucas: Missing (2012), Dead Wrong (2012), Chinese Whispers (2013).

Audrey of the Outback: It’s a Miroocool! Picture book (2012), Audrey of the Outback (2008), Audrey Goes to Town (2008), Audrey’s Big Secret (2009).

Spy Girl (also known as Undercover Girl, Girl Undercover and Spy in various countries): Secrets (2004), Fugitive (2005), Nightmare (2006), Danger (2006), Twisted (2007).

Picture Books: It’s a Miroocool! Picture book (2012), Sleeping In (1997), I Don’t Want to Go to School (2000), Snowy’s Rescue (2007).

Hotshots: Brain Drain (2001), Windbag (2001), Psycho Gran (2001).

Vibes: Jigsaw (1998), Shadows (1998), Masks (1998), Suspicion (1998).

Other novels: Strike! (1994), Countdown (1995), Baptism of Fire (1996), Pitt Man (1996), Deadly Friends (1997), Slime Time (1997), Torture Chamber (1997), Foreign Devil (1999), Omega (2000), Jamil’s Shadow (2001), Hairy Legs (2001), Halfway Round The World (2001), Head Space (2004), Outback: The Diary of Jimmy Porter 1927-1928 (2005) and paperback title My Australian Story: Outback (2010), Cool Bananas (2007), Mask of the Jackal (2007).

Short story collections: Outer Face (1992,) Buried Secrets (1993), Widdershins (originally Party Animals) (1995), Fortune Cookies (1998), Warped (2000).

Omnibuses: Audrey of the Outback Collection (2011), Mystery Stories for Girls (2006), Freaks (2007) features Torture Chamber, Wally the Undead, and Slime Time, Vibes: Four Novels in One (2002), Perfect Replica in SpinOuts: It Came from the Lab (1999).

Plays: Break a Leg (2001).

Non-fiction: Trees in My Ears: Children from Around the World Talk to Christine Harris (1992), Oddballs (1998), Lions Hearing Dogs  in Animal Scraps (2003), Little Book Of Elephants (2000).

Stories in anthologies: Keeping A Promise in Tracking Through History (2001), The Trap in Tales from the Wasteland: Stories from the 13th Floor (2000), My Enemy in English Interactions (1999), A Real Corpse in Shivers (1997) Rent-A-Crowd in Deadly Friends (1997), The Missing Finger in Blasters: Fears & Fantasies (1997), Doing Time in Top Stories 1 (2007), and in Personal Best (1997), Left With the Baby in The Phone Book (1995).

Poems in anthologies: Jelly, What Am I? If Eggs Were Round, I Hate Vegetables in Tadpoles in the Torrens (2013).

Books published in languages other than English: Countdown, Fin Du Monde ( French edition of Countdown 1999), Carità Pelosa (Italian edition of Hairy Legs, 2004), Spy Girl series in Thai, Portuguese, Japanese. Jamil’s Shadow (Japanese), It's a Miroocool! (Mandarin Chinese).

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